Career Transition

In a dynamic and constantly changing job market, companies and people must be prepared to deal with change.caused through movements such as restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, strategic redirection, reorganization or downsizingthat result in people being fired. 

Here at Soul, we offer alternatives with solutions designed in a personalized and exclusive way, both for professionals and companies, in career planning and movement programs. 

At Soul, we value the potential of each individual and believe in people's ability to reinvent themselves and take ownership of their professional narratives. 

We help in this process, through self-knowledge, awareness of your value and understanding of the market, opening dialogues and assertive connections throughout this journey.

In this context, in addition to career coaching, we provide analysts dedicated to personalized support for professionals and support for market approaches and job search actions. 

Our Career Development services are approached from three interrelated perspectives, using a proprietary methodology that allows us to draw up and implement a structured plan based on the profile and objective of each professional.

Find your Soul

We help people get to know themselves, analyze their trajectory, results and define a strategy for their professional life.

  • Establish self-knowledge, analyze your trajectory, rethink your career and consolidate your goals. 
  • Behavioral trend, assessment of motivators, strengths and vulnerabilities. Understanding how this set of factors manifests itself in work relationships and your choices, to define a strategy for your professional life.
  • Definition and consolidation of objectives and alternatives for operating in the market, which could be a new job, or another type of career, such as consultancy, advisory, advice, academic life or entrepreneurship.
Find your Voice

We guide people on how to position themselves and how to communicate their differences in the market by building a career narrative.

  • How to position yourself and how to communicate in the market. 
  • Construction of main career narratives, using storytelling techniques. 
  • CV, LinkedIn, social networks and interviews. 
  • Improvement and enhancement of personal marketing.
Find your Place

We map the market and identify opportunities to define an action strategy, to be implemented together.

  • Raise the level of exposure and maximize visibility, to support the plan and choices, achieving the intended objectives. 
  • Activation and expansion of strategic contacts and networking. 
  • Negotiation and choosing the best job offer. 
  • Planning and integration into the new position.