With the Soul Board Experience program, we support executives

  • Who want to develop their career journey towards the board
  • Who want to prepare to act as consultative or deliberative advisors in Startups and Family Businesses
  • Who need to better understand their participation on boards (current or future), even in an executive position
  • Those who already serve on councils and want to expand their participation, in addition to exchanging experiences
  • Present and discuss the Universe of Governance, emphasizing practical cases and real experiences lived in Councils
  • Prepare executives to develop the current or future journey to act as advisors
  • Identify existing gaps between the Executive and Counselor forms of action, assisting in the preparation of an individual development plan
  • Systemic and integrated view of the main Governance themes, combined with strong content, added to practical experiences, with testimonials and discussions between experts, also enabling the expansion of the participants' network
  • Specific language for operating in the Startups and Family Businesses market
  • Extensive reading content (pre work and future discussions);
  • 03 04-hour workshops;
  • 03 Mentoring Sessions – Individual;
  • 01 Final 4-hour workshop with an emphasis on exchanging experiences and networking.
  • Online sessions, discussion groups, modular program and individual mentoring sessions