Executive Recruitment

At Soul, we conduct the recruitment of executives in strategic positions, with high leadership, and with the power to impact the companies' businesses.

With years of experience in the corporate market and in various sectors of the economy, we put ourselves in the client's shoes to understand demand from their perspective and criticism. We combine this with our knowledge of the market, available talent and the culture of organizations.

Knowing our client's business, we deeply research the dynamics of their market to design a complete and personalized strategy in line with their reality.

The result is a transparent and more human process, which allows us to combine the expectations of companies with the purposes of professionals.

It is this care that makes us so assertive in suggesting competent candidates suited to the culture of each organization, helping our clients to make their choice with peace of mind and confidence.

  • We check references in a discreet and qualitative way;
  • We conduct competency-based interviews, with precise and detailed assessments;
  • We maximize success in executive hiring;
  • We conduct structured integration between executive and company;